Some of our completed projects:

Thomas Zebrowski, tel +48 500 62 55 72

Wojciech Gosiewski the company Anfa Cables himself as a reliable partner. When setting up the camera system and alarm system demonstrated professionalism. The service was performed at a high level and most importantly at the right price. Communication skills, problem-solving skills and other characteristics were Wojciech factor by which everything went flawlessly. Without a doubt, I recommend this person as a contractor or alarm camera systems. Unfortunately, the electrical system was not performing Anfa cable company, but with another investment without hesitation once again undertake cooperation was with the company.

Peter Swierczynski, Tel: +48 606 166 119

In our previous home team could not remove the electrical failure. Pretty soon found that the cable must be replaced fuses in the wall of the machine. This scared us, because the installation is fairly new and replacement pipe would involve forging grooves in the bathroom and in the hallway. Before the renovation and his wife found that seek advice from an independent electrician. The decision fell on the company ANFA CABLES - previously unknown to us. Electrician with the company came within less than an hour and after 15 minutes it appeared that everything was fixed, there was no need to forge walls. I need not determine at this time what was our joy when everything went so smoothly. We can only recommend the company and thank you for saving us from the destruction of the bathroom.

Magda and Andrew B.

ANFA CABLES company moved in our apartment sharing electrical system and installed a smart lighting system. The efficiency and accuracy of the work deserves recognition. Company recommendable

Czeslaw Baranowski

I am extremely pleased with the partnership with Anfa cables. Within a few hours I was ready to use videophone. Boys left behind when working order and culturally behaved. They deserve a lot of respect for the organization and co-operation. That such companies should be encouraged to change the image of installers.

Alexander Augustyniak

In my office installer internet company could not identify the problem, the effect was not running the internet for 4 days, experts from the company came many times and have not been able to identify the problem and solve it alone. After a few days I decided to look for someone who would be able to help me in my work because the internet is required, luck would have it, the company came to us ANFA CABLES. The problem turned out to be trivial, and after 10 minutes I had Gosiewski Wojciech internet. In contrast to the previous company service was performed professionally and he was Wojciech przemilym man who is able to solve any problem. So I would recommend your company ANFA CABLES everyone who does not have problems to solve.


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